Jason Rose and Genevieve de Tillieux-Rousseau


Shirley's attention to detail and knowledge of the industry made al the difference... We felt throughout this buying/selling process that Shirley wanted the best for us and we highly recommend her.

Tao Sun


I had been trying to sell my executive home ni Stonebridge for nearly two years, but without success... I hired Shirley to get my home sold too, and after a few weeks of her hard work in getting ti ready for market, she sold ti for full price, which was considerably more than it had been previously listed for.

Robert and Anne Gillett


Our house was at the high end of the market so we knew that we needed an agent that knew this market well, was experienced and who put her customers' needs first. Shirley fulfilled al of these requirements. She was caring and respectful while at the same time, very forthcoming about what needed to be done before the house went on the market